Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And the winner is...

Once again, a big thank you to all of you who voted! I was overwhelmed by the volume of votes I actually received on twitter and facebook. I have written a huge list of your names this morning and cut them into strips, seeing as there were so many votes I am going to do an Olympic giveaway and have three prizes instead.

The winner will receive the whole set of 'Sweet Treats' cards, the second drawn can choose 5 from the range, and the third drawn can choose 3. Good luck!

1st prize goes to....

2nd prize goes to...

3rd prize goes to...

Well done to all three! Please let me know your postal addresses and I can send you your prizes.
Email ( or DM me on twitter @FaysStudio or Fay's Studio on Facebook.

x Fay


  1. oooh I am Sooooooo excited. I absolutely LOVE your work Fay. I never win anything either. Will e-mail you my address x

  2. Thanks Tina, glad you are a happy bunny. Enjoy your prize. Looking forward to your choice, if you visit my website, you can get the product names/product codes there to send my way!

  3. Here is the direct link
    x Fay

  4. No worries Fay. I will certainly check out the website, but I have already chosen from the selection above! Did YOU win? I hope so!!

  5. Wow I'm so pleased to be one of the winners! Just got back from my holiday and it was a lovely surprise to return home to :) Can't wait to receive the cards! x