Monday, 25 June 2012

Fun of the Fair - new range!

Any new range I create has to have a little inspiration, and actually with this range I have rounded it off with a little Pinspiration too!

Knowing I was off to Brighton on a hen-do this year, I had lots of ideas in mind for a pier/fun fair/circus/carnival themed range of occasion cards.

I have to say, I am really proud of this collection, it's the first time I have really delved into everyday occasions, and exploring this theme gave me food for thought for some fairly creative illustrations, with my usual light humorous undertones. I like to have a little chuckle when I go out and buy cards myself, and I prefer my customers to laugh or say 'that's so sweet' when they see my cards on the shelf.

Each card is 145x145mm and come individually wrapped with a pastel pink envelope.

Fingers crossed for this new range which is so fun and bright, and I hope you'll agree a collection which will warm British cockles!

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Guardian - Live Q&A session

As you may be aware, when I launched my business three years ago, I had the help and support of a fantastic business mentor provided by the Prince's Trust, who stayed around for two years to guide me through the early stages of growing the business.
His wealth of knowledge and experience definitely prevented me from making some early errors, and I learnt so much from having this extra support.

It is especially important as well to have a guide outside of family and friends who may blindly lead you down the wrong path, you need an impartial point of view when making decisions and this can usually only be provided by outside help.

In the light of the new government scheme providing start-up businesses with a loan of £2500, it has never been more important to also offer alongside financial help, the support and guidance of a well-rehearsed mentor.

I had to form a business plan before I was awarded any money at the Prince's Trust, it wasn't just handed to me, and I was only able to complete the plan with the help of a mentor. The first couple of years of a business are make or break and my mentor helped me to stay on track.

So, on Monday 25th June, live on the Guardian Small Business Network web page, you will be able to post me any questions you might have about working with a mentor, the importance of networking and any general questions about your fledgling business.

Feel free to get in touch (start networking now) at anytime on twitter using @FaysStudio in your message.
Here is the link to the Guardian website where the Q&A session will take place. Don't miss it!
Monday 11-1pm.

New designs - with some anti-valentine's.

So, it's about time I shared my new designs with you that are just launching. They will be available on the website soon.
Every year I come up with one or two romantic ranges, and this year I was tempted to throw in a couple of 'anti-valentine's' as well as my usual romantic ones.

Here is the new 'Love Games' collection. A range ideal to send to your sweetheart. All cards are 105 x 148mm and come individually wrapped with a bright orange or pink envelope to match. I had a lot of fun designing this range, most of them are based on a traditional male hobby, some of which are retro and are inspired by my youth growing up with an older brother!

I hope you like them!

'Snookered'. I became quite good at snooker, competing against my brother and his friends.

'Bowl Me Over' Bowling was a birthday treat back then. One year a friend of my brothers threw the ball backwards towards us!
'Rubiks' My brother is a puzzle wizard, so the Rubik's was no problem for him, whereas I would just move the stickers.

'8 Ball' Many of my decisions growing up were made by this toy. Actually, I used to just turn it until I got the answer I wanted.

'Onesie' I thought these were just for babies, but the adult versions are great.
'Affirmative' It wasn't just the boys that had robots, I had one too. I was a tom-boy.

'Hanging' This game used to kill time on a rainy day.

'Brains' for the zombie mad.

'Chips' an anti-valentine.

'Monster' perfect for the monster you love.

'Grim' needs love too!

If these cards are right up your street they will be available to buy very soon on the website.  If you are a retailer and would any further information about the range then please get in touch!

Fay x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Kelly Hoppen - Prince's Trust Tomorrow campaign.

My first design meeting with Kelly Hoppen took place on 15th May at Kelly’s gorgeous studio based in Notting Hill. The entrance to Kelly’s studio is just as stylish as Kelly herself with beautiful tall trees and a long garden table leading up to the entrance where the design school meets throughout the year.

Seeing Kelly again was great, and I was made instantly welcome with a hug from Kelly and an introduction to her staff. Kelly’s studio is a busy place, yet the surroundings designed in Kelly’s cool style give a very relaxed feeling.

Kelly’s main work room is a studio that any designer would die for. There are rows upon rows of neatly organised swatches of fabrics, and samples of stone and wood, and several tables where Kelly can create mood-boards for many projects at a time.

We got straight to work discussing the overall project, and deadlines we have to meet. Kelly was very quick to demonstrate her design skills and expertise by drawing out some ideas for the textile products we will be creating to be sold on QVC, and explaining how my talents will be used in the design.

We discussed the different fabrics, finishes and possible layouts for the design. It was good to make notes about the dimensions of the products and the types of materials we have to choose from. As a designer it makes the initial process much easier if you know what components are available to use.

The design process has already begun, it’s important to start illustrating concepts whilst the ideas are fresh in our minds. Creating a product has many stages, this is just the first of many, and I am sure there will be a lot of trial and error before the production stage. Kelly has so much advice to give and is always very confident in her decisions.

As Kelly’s mentee I am learning a lot about responding to what the customer wants, but also bringing my design flair to the products.

I will have more updates as the project progresses...