Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I have to admit it took me a while to get used to designing on A3 format having never made a catalogue before any larger than A4. I am really thrilled with the results. As I am exhibiting at Top Drawer in September and there is a lean towards the Christmas buying market I wanted my catalogue to celebrate my first Christmas card collection. I have been really excited by designing a Christmas range and I am proud that it is looking really different to the more traditional Christmas card ranges. I still love working with my figurative style and adding a bit of fun to my cards. I found it really easy to come up with the Christmas range as ideas seemed to just pop into my head. The front of the catalogue is based on the idea of the lovely Christmas stamps that appear on our post during the festive period. I have used one of my designs and turned it into a stamp! I thought the party hat in the design was a little like the Queen's crown on a traditional stamp and I used the font of Fay's Studio to create the final look of a stamp. I am also really glad that the Christmas range is printed onto a sparkly board and wrapped with pearlescent envelopes. They have that extra something that we all look for during the festive season. Anyway, enough about Christmas, although I am sure some of you may still have Christmas songs on your Ipods from last year?

I have already been posting out my catalogues to customers present and prospective, I really hope that it shows how far I come in the past 12 months from making everything at home to employing professional printers to make it for me. It's great to finally have a catalogue that has my personality and all the information needed for customers. It's all about making life a little easier for myself and Fay's Studio stockists. 
I hope you like the look of the catalogue.
Keep your eye out for the Christmas range soon coming to the Fay's Studio shop.


I have been meaning to add photograpghs of my greeting cards to my website since the new products arrived the other week. First of all I have had to wait for a decent amount of light to make the products stand out, but failing that Photoshop does help to bring out the colour.

Here are my new greeting cards! I am really pleased with the outcome having adjusted to the new biodegradable bags. When packing up my stock the bags felt strange at first compared to polythene, they seem to grip together when I stack them into piles, so at least I don't spend as much time now chasing my cards around the studio.

What do you think of the new cards? Do you prefer the idea that they are all FSC accredited and biodegradable and have you started thinking about your buying habits with paper products?

The 'Handbags and Gladrags' range.

The 'Love Birds' range.

Friday, 16 July 2010

The Website Re-launch.

Since Progressive Greetings Live, things have been non stop for Fay's Studio. I made the decision when I first started out in business to be as environmentally friendly as possible and I only use materials that are FSC accredited and I also now have some great 100% biodegradable cornstarch bags to wrap the cards in. I have always felt that it is my responsibility as an illustrator and designer to be thoughtful when it comes to developing my ideas and to recognise the impact it can have on others. 

12 months ago when I first started out on this venture, supported by The Prince's Trust, I walked the streets of Bristol and Bath with my trolley full of cards in tow. I trekked miles upon miles of pathways trying my luck with new stockists. I admit that at first the prospect of meeting retailers was incredibly nerve wracking, but it lead to some great business relationships with local customers. Other than that I have used the bus or the train to travel to meet my stockists and clients, so I like to think this keeps my emissions low.

As my products have developed and the ranges have extended I needed to spend time recently giving my website a total makeover. The whole look and feel of the Fay's Studio brand is brighter, more contemporary and fresher than before and I wanted the website to reflect this. The products have moved forward since sourcing special boards, envelopes and bespoke bags, and I think the price of my cards reflects the great quality and the fact that you can purchase something lovely that I have taken days to create.

I hope you like my new website and find the perfect card for your friends and relatives, or just for yourself.

Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. 

'Knickerbocker Glory' from the Graphic range.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

From The Wilde

Today I am delighted to have one of my paintings (Branches) featured at from which I now sell my paintings and cards. 'From The Wilde' is owned by Helen Wilde a lovely lady with a wealth of experience in art publishing. She has been working extremely hard to launch the gallery to make it look as wonderful as it does.

The gallery showcases the work of some really exciting comtemporary British artists, designer makers and illustrators. Each artist is in some way inspired by the sea or the countryside and the products are really wonderful. There is a great selection of Textiles & Homewares, Ceramics, Jewellery, Fashion, Paintings, Prints, Stationery and Greeting Cards.

If you aren't too familiar with my work, you will discover that I also paint on a large scale. I love to paint seascapes and trees as you will see from the gallery. There is so much detail to be explored in nature and with my background in art and textile design I combine both painting and hand stitching to capture a scene. My work has been compared to Gustav Klimt which is a huge compliment as he has always been an influence in my work. I also have a penchant for Japanese prints and Emaki Scrolls which shows in my ink drawings.

With a wonderful array of products I am sure 'From The Wilde' will be a popular choice for many people sourcing beautiful, contemporary and one-off pieces.
My painting 'Emaki' is also featured at in a great review of 'From The Wilde' and interview with Helen. Take a look here