Monday, 25 July 2011

Back In The Studio.

I have just returned from Harrogate Home & Gift Show. It has been a long 6 days!
The day before opening, Mum and I took the day setting up the stand ready for buyers to come in and see what I have been up to. Once again arriving to an empty shell scheme, and visualising how to make it look pretty.

Surprisingly it took us even longer this time to set up, including an hours lunch in the town centre, but adjustments had to be made to the walls I had prepared as the boards weren't as tall as they were set out in the plans, so a bit of cropping had to be done. The spotlights also had to be moved to fit in with the plans I had submitted. The minutes add up when unexpected things crop up.

With an extra 30 designs to accommodate we had a bigger stand this time.

The show was down in footfall this year according to past exhibitors, which was a disappointment, but I did take orders at the show, and it would seem that orders are coming in by phone afterwards rather than being taken on the day. So it is looking promising despite my initial thoughts.

Anyway, getting everything to the location, a five hour train journey from home, was the usual fun. Especially carrying a new greeting card spinner to show off my Enchanted Collection.

There is nothing Mum and I can't get in a suitcase!

Making time for a wonderful chocolate cake from Betty's Tea Rooms.

It was lovely to meet lots of twitterers at the show, and existing customers too, who had travelled a long way to exhibit or come to order or have a chat. It is like having an extended family and as always the other exhibitors were so fun and friendly. I am so lucky to be in such an exciting industry where everyone is really supportive and energetic. No doubt I will see you all again soon, and I will be tweeting with you as usual!

So, it's now on with packing orders and working on new designs. I have so much planned for the future, it's really exciting!


  1. Your stand looks great, sounds like you had a very productive time! Bet you need a rest now though :)

  2. Your stand looks great, well worth the effoorft in the end.
    Oh I sooo miss Betty's tea shop and thier cakes!

  3. Hi, I came to the harrogate show and saw your stand. It was really lovely, I recognised your work straight away from reading your blog.

    Your mum was really nice too, filling me in on your journey.
    I'm just starting out, graduated last year and I've been creating and selling my cards since. I came to the show to see what my next step is basically, and it was very refreshing finding out people are willing to take time to talk to you, and share knowledge.
    Please thank your mum for her advise.

    It was such a great show.